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How to Identify and Prepare Your Firm’s Next Partner

How should professional service firm partners identify and prepare their future partners? Principal Dawn Wagenaar provides five ways to help emerging leaders develop the mindset of a future owner. Help them prepare now as a key retention strategy. Click here to learn about Ingenuity’s training and coaching services for emerging… Read more

What’s your firm’s story?

Think about a time when you came through for a client. What challenge were they experiencing? What solution did you provide? How did you come up with a solution? What was the outcome? Now that you have a story to share, how can you share it? You have a few… Read more

8 Steps to Succeed at Niche Partnership Marketing

At Super Bowl LII, the makers of Doritos and Mountain Dew partnered up on dueling commercials while asking fans to share their own lip-sync performances on Snapchat. Their common fans agreed that the products go together and that the consecutive commercials made them want to buy both products. It was… Read more