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Upcoming Updates to Google, WordPress and Facebook

  Are you up-to-date on the latest Google, Facebook and WordPress changes? Virginia McCoy, lead SEO and social media consultant, discusses what changes are coming to Google Analytics and how they may impact your firm’s website. She also explains how to keep your Facebook content fresh and in front of… Read more

Are you the only rainmaker?

Increase Leads Through Content Marketing After years of working with professional service firms, we know that only a small percentage of your people will bring in new business. A larger percentage can bring in projects through existing client service and referrals. However, even your best client service masters forget to… Read more

Is your Content Marketing Worth the Time and Trouble?

Tips to Make Professional Content Interesting and Memorable for Leads Content is king, except when no one reads it. If you want people to read your website, blog, brochure or articles, use these hints from our business ghostwriters.  These principles come from studies of sticky ideas, ways to attract attention… Read more