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Three Niche Marketing Hacks to Reach More Leads

A niche marketing strategycan help your professional services firmunderstand your target client’s pains and desires. In doing so, you will reach a targeted group of leads and bring in more business. In this video, we share three niche marketing hacks to reach more leads. Learn how research, social tools, content… Read more

Dividing and Conquering Professional Service Marketing Tactics

  When we are first invited to discuss marketing with most service firms, they immediately think we will be talking about advertising. Sometimes we do. But marketing is a much larger group of strategies, of which advertising is only one tactic. A working definition of marketing is anything that gets… Read more

Four Ways to Enhance
Client Service

The number one reason that clients leave a professional service firm is that they don’t feel valued, and therefore don’t perceive value from the relationship. Leah Spielman gives her tips and tricks for building a client relationship and keeping it strong even when you handle multiple accounts. Click here to… Read more