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Navigating the
Jungle of Big Data

At the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) Summit at AICPA ENGAGE, we asked attendees to help us navigate the jungle of big data at our booth.* Attendees were asked to describe themselves and their firms, using three sets of two options: • Cable or Netflix • Phone or Wine •… Read more

Why a Noisy Internet Disrupts Accounting Marketing and What To Do About It

We’ve all done it. We start to research something online, and then get distracted by an interesting link — and then another — that makes us forget what we were searching for in the first place. Your accounting website is competing with all that noise. At least 150,000 new website… Read more

How Big Data Can Customize Your Approach to Getting Referrals

According to a recent informal poll of professional service marketers, we found that they spend time researching industries, but not much time researching their competitors or buyers. The poll was taken during a webinar we presented on smart market research. Without researching your competitors, you don’t know how to differentiate… Read more