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How to Prioritize Business Anniversary Marketing

Create brand loyalty and promote longevity A big anniversary is approaching. The number doesn’t matter as much as the nagging feeling that you should do something to promote and celebrate it. The problem: how to prioritize business anniversary marketing in the midst of other important marketing work. Some firms will… Read more

How Referral Engine Optimization (REO) Supports Business Development

Every time we talk to a partner for the first time at a law firm or engineering firm or CPA firm or fill-in-the-blank firm, we hear the same comments: “We don’t get new clients from our website. They all come through referrals from other satisfied clients. Our business growth is… Read more

Four Reasons to Update WordPress Sites

When a website goes down, it impacts your security, your reputation and new business revenue. Lead Design Consultant Robert Wasiluk puts on his technical hat to discuss four reasons why you should always update your WordPress site. He also cautions professional service firms about the one critical thing that should… Read more