Professional Services Social Media FAQs November 20, 2017

Virginia McCoy, communications consultant at Ingenuity Marketing Group, answers a few professional services social media frequently asked questions including: How often should I post on social media? When is the best time to post? And, how much is too much? Tune in and learn the answer. Click here to learn… Read more

This Tool Radically Improves Accounting Firm Business Development September 23, 2017

Recently, we gained a wonderful opportunity to go on retainer with a mid-sized CPA firm we knew about, but hadn’t yet had the chance to work with. The firm’s managing partner, let’s call him Len, came up to us at an accounting association event where we were speaking and said,… Read more

This One Tool Adds Real Data to Professional Business Development September 18, 2017

Over the years working with engineering and construction services firms, we have learned a few things about the characteristics of our buyers. They like facts more than promises. They tend to be visually oriented and like processes spelled out. They are willing to invest in top line if it makes… Read more

These Six Questions Can Help You Start the Conversation September 12, 2017

Do They Deserve To Work With You? It happens every day. Firms across the country are chasing clients who don’t deserve to work with them. It’s not the fault of the firm, but a lack of an intentional growth strategy. The following six questions can help you start – or… Read more


When talking to independent public accounting leaders across the country, we hear these two concerns the most often: not enough rainmakers and long buying cycles. Any hope of motivating or coaching professionals into becoming rainmakers should be dropped. You will have very few people who love going out and making… Read more

Be Irresistible Online: How to Get Accounting Referrals to Call You July 26, 2017

Referrals are the most common way for accounting firms to get new business. After all, when looking for a strategic partner like an accounting firm, business owners don’t usually go to a search engine to find one. They ask their attorney or other business owners. Once they have a short… Read more